Morning Read: Apple’s CarPlay, pot taxes, SunRail schedule and McDonald’s wants to be like Chipotle

sunrailThe Morning Read, because sometimes you’ve got to go outside the Bokey:

The next big thing from tech giant Apple is in the automotive field, reports TechRadar. No, it’s not an iCar, but something called CarPlay that allows your iPhone or iPad to be controlled through your vehicle’s onboard software.

The numbers are in for Colorado’s first month of legal marijuana sales. During January, CNN Money reports the state collected $2 million in sales tax from marijuana sales and another $1.5 million in  licenses and fees. That compares with $5.1 million Colorado collected in taxes on alcohol in December, the most recent data available.

The folks at SunRail have released a tentative schedule for the commuter rail service that begins in May. It’s not as expansive as some people were hoping. Initially, the service will only be available Monday through Friday. However, the trains will run later than many people thought. The last train leaving the Church Street station is 9:24 p.m., which puts you back in Sanford at 10:05 p.m. That’s not going to work for the late-night crowd, but it’s not bad for a school night.

MarketWatch is reporting that McDonald’s may steal a page from Chipolte’s playbook by offering a more customizable menu. Actually, it sounds like Mickey D’s is co-opting the 1970s strategy of its nemesis, Burger King: Have it your way. Teaser Alert: Chipotle may be making an entry into the Sanford market. Keep reading for more.



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