Around The Clock: Brodeur spills it all at Shantell’s

State Rep. Jason Brodeur
State Rep. Jason Brodeur

For years Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown and her supporters have used the phrase “Corrine delivers.”

Could it be that that phrase will soon be co-opted by Republican poster boy Jason Brodeur?

Naw, it’s doubtful. But you soon could see Sanford’s emissary in the Florida House of Representatives handing one of those surfboard-sized checks to Mayor Jeff Triplett and other Sanford officials.

It appears Sanford’s elected money honey has convinced the powers that be in Tallahassee to fork out $500,000 for a new amphitheater in Fort Mellon Park. Or at least that’s what it sounded like as he told me about the deal while devouring chicken and waffles at Shantell’s. (Seriously J.B. when the food is as good as Shantell’s, just shut up and eat.)

In all seriousness, Brodeur is working to get the money in this year’s budget. It’s not a done deal — what is with the legislature? — but he’s confident enough to talk about the funding in public. Committee meetings this week in the capital should help nail down the details.

Old-timers like Bill Kirchhoff will remember when Sanford had a bandshell at the end of what is now called Memorial Park next to the marina. The city already has $500,000 in the bank for the amphitheater project. So while construction may not be imminent, the additional state funding means a return of the Sanford bandshell is a few hundred thousand steps closer to becoming a reality.

— By Dan Ping



  1. I’ll be meeting with the city manager to find out the status on this and several other projects. I hope to be able to post an update next week.


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