Rabbitfoot preps for big Record Store Day

If you’re into vinyl records – and many of you are based on the fact that vinyl records are the only sector of the music business growing by double digits – then Saturday, April 18, is Christmas.


It’s Record Store Day, an international event that promotes vinyl record sales. Dozens of artists are releasing special edition albums and some classic records are being released on the analog format.

Rabbitfoot Records and Coffee Lounge (Website | Facebook) on 1st Street in Sanford is expecting crowds to begin forming in the wee hours of Saturday morning in hopes of snagging one of the limited releases.

“Under the guidelines of record store day, we cannot open before 8 AM,” says owner Rob Wallace. “I’ll probably get to the store about 4 am, and I’m sure there will be people waiting for me.”

Not that Wallace is complaining. In fact, for those who want to line up early he will provide free coffee and pastries. Plus, Rabbitfoot Records will be giving away T-shirts, gift certificates, a Death Grip CD and a 10 LP Jimi Hendrix box set.

“This is our biggest day of the year,” said Wallace.

Check out the Rabbitfoot’s Facebook page or website for more information.


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