Brewery looking for downtown Sanford location

Some local entrepreneurs are turning to the public and the Internet in hopes of joining the growing craft beer scene in Sanford.

Tim Goodman and his wife, Danielle, are the owners of Hood’s Up Brewery (Website | Facebook), a nascent small-batch craft beer operation looking to open in downtown Sanford. They have started a Kickstarter campaign and hope to raise $28,000 online.

HoodsUpGarage“We’re cashing out our 401(k)s, asking or family and friends to invest, and now we’re hoping the public will support us too,” said Goodman.

The Kickstarter campaign started Friday, May 15, and already they have raised $3,200.

A 1992 graduate of Lake Mary high school, Goodman has been brewing beer for about five years. He currently works as an audiovisual engineer, but brewing beer is his passion.

“I have played guitar, been in bands and have a lot of other hobbies, but I have never become as obsessed with anything as I have with brewing beer,” said Goodman.

Hood’s Up Brewery does not have a location yet for what will be a 1.5-barrel brewing system (1 barrel = 31 gallons). Goodman said they would like to open in downtown Sanford.

“I think Sanford is really the place to be. It has the potential to be the next Asheville,” said Goodman. “There are a lot of good things happening in downtown.” (see “Sanford’s brewing reputation”)

In addition Goodman has a strong Sanford connection. His parents lived in the house on the southeast corner of 6th Street and Elm Avenue – known to locals as the “My Girl” house because it was featured in the film by the same name, starring Macauley Culkin.

Goodman said the name Hood’s Up Brewery  harkens back to the style and attitude of the 1950s. And just like James Dean, Goodman says Hood’s Up Brewery will take a rebel attitude towards brewing beer because his team likes to push the limits. For instance, they brew a Bavarian Baltic Porter with bananas and chocolate named “Chocolate Monkey Balls.”

“We’re going to be brewing some great beers and having a lot of fun doing it,” Goodman said.

The company hopes to be in its location and operating by the end of 2015 or early 2016. Hood’s Up Brewery would be the fourth brewery to open in downtown Sanford joining Wops Hops (open), Sanford Brewing Co. (opening late summer), and Inner Compass Brewing Co. (opening mid autumn).

For more information contact Goodman at his website or Facebook page.

– by Dan Ping


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  1. Wishing Hoods Up much success in their endeavor, the more the merrier to the Asheville of Florida aka Beer City Sanford.


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