City to Cerasoli: 10 days to respond to tax issues

Sanford officials have put the leaseholders of Marina Island on notice regarding their delinquent property taxes.

City manager Norton Bonaparte sent a letter dated June 1 to Frank Cerasoli, a managing partner of TFA IV LLC, informing Cerasoli that his company’s continued tax delinquency is in violation of the lease agreement the firm has with the city.

As of May 31, TFA IV LLC owed $158,371 for tax years 2013 and 2014. Cerasoli must respond to the city within 10 business days.

– by Dan Ping

Click letter to enlarge

Ceresoli-Marina Isle 060115


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  1. Marina Island could be crown jewel of Sanford. Can we all agree that it’s time to kick this developer out and find someone with vision? He has given the City a perfectly legal reason to rescind his lease; do it!


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