1950s tourist video proves Seminole didn’t defer to Orlando

Listen to the folks over at the Seminole County Convention & Visitors Bureau and you’d think the county is nothing more than Orlando’s little kid brother. At least that’s the way a lot of people felt when the visitors bureau unveiled it’s “Orlando North” moniker to attract tourists to Seminole County.

Well there was a time when the county wasn’t afraid to toot it’s own horn when asking people to come visit or move to the area.

The video below is proof of that. The city of Sanford posted this archival promotional piece on it’s Facebook page. Produced sometime in the early 1950s, the piece unabashedly talks about all the great things going in Sanford and Seminole County. During the 14-minute video, the word “Orlando” is mentioned once, and then only when refering to the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. In fact, about 75 percent of the video focuses on Sanford.

Before the county spends more than $500,000 with Paradise Advertising & Marketing – a St. Petersburg firm – to take another swing at a new tourism campaign, maybe somebody can show them this video.

– by Dan Ping

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