Shantell’s Cafe is closing

Shantell Williams - Photo by Visual Cusines for Edible Orlando.

If you’re jonesing for the best chicken and waffles in Bokey, you only have about two weeks left to get your fill – Shantell’s Cafe is closing July 20.

Shantell Williams took Sanford by storm in 2014 when she opened her restaurant on Sanford Avenue serving dishes like the 1-pound hamburger, jerk chicken and rice, and of course her world famous chicken and waffles. Her collard greens were the best I’ve ever tasted.

Her restaurant was busy just about any time of the day, but the place was absolutely packed late at night. Shantell stayed open till 3 AM, which made it a popular spot for the late-night party crowd.

Shantell’s also drew a diverse clientele. It didn’t matter whether you were rich or poor, black or white, famous or infamous, Shantell always greeted you with a big hug and a plate of food made with love.

I don’t have many details about why Shantell has decided to close. She posted on her Facebook page this morning that July 20 would be her last day.

I will post more details when I know them, until then stop by Shantell’s and give her a hug.

– Dan Ping