Update: Downtown market and butcher shop still on track

Plans for a market and butcher shop in downtown Sanford continue to move forward, though a little slower than expected.

The Bokey first reported in April (“Market and butcher shop coming to downtown”) that Courtney Haton and Mo Abed planned to open Habibis International Market at 112 W 2nd St. (Gmap)

The sign customers will see when they walk in the door.

The Husband-and-wife team wanted to open by July 4, but have been delayed for no other reason than new ventures often take longer than originally planned. They were on site Saturday doing work.

”It’s taken longer than we thought it would, but we hope to be ready by the end of the month,” Haton said.

They are waiting on some equipment and still need some finishing touches in the remodeled space. Contray to some speculation, Haton said they city of Sanford has not slowed down there process.

”Everyone at the city has been more than helpful, and they’ve worked with us any time we needed help,” Haton said.

Crates will be used as shelving for dry goods.

Habibi is an Arabic term of endearment. It’s used by spouses, parents, friends, neighbors or anyone with close relationships.

”It’s a friendship word, a positive word you can use in many ways,” Abed said. “We want people to know us that way, and hopefully people use it all over town.”

Habbis will offer organic fruits and vegetables from a supplier near Ocala. The store will have a full butcher shop that will feature halal meats (similar to Kosher standards) and non halal meats like pork.

– by Dan Ping


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