New brunch spot in Heathrow

Those who like to travel outside the Bokey to explore brunch options will be happy to know Another Broken Egg Café will soon open in Heathrow.

The restaurant (Website), which offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, will locate in the Central Parc at Heathrow. (Gmap)

It is expected to open by the end of the year.

The Destin Florida-based another broken egg was founded in Mandeville, La., in 1996. It has 48 stores in 13 states. The company is rapidly expanding throughout Florida and plans to open 12 new franchise stores in the coming months.


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  1. I walked past this space today, and they are getting close, i’d say. There was a pile of cushions on the outdoor furniture, waiting to be placed, tables inside set up and piled with stuff, and a palette of what appeared to be straws, napkins, and other soft goods. I’d say they’re getting pretty close, but of course it will all depend on the proper permits from the city–let’s hope they are prompt with that!

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