D-town salon changes ownership

There’s a slight change along 1st Street that you might not notice.

Exclusive Cuts, a popular hair salon, is now rebranded as Kenneth Ray Hair Design (113 E 1st St. | Gmap)

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it is: Kenneth Ray is none other than Ken Ewing, a trendsetter on the downtown scene who owned Changez Salon at 2nd Street and Park Avenue before joining the exclusive cuts team a few of years ago.

Brenda Iles, the owner of Exclusive Cuts, died tragically in an accident last year. Ken assisted the family in running the salon while the estate was settled.

Those issues have been resolved, and Ken has signed a lease, rebranded the business and remodeled the inside with a sleek, modern design. He retained the stylists that worked at Exclusive Cuts.

– by Dan Ping


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