DeBary mayor says West Volusia, Seminole should work together

DeBary Mayor Clint Johnson recently went on social media this weekend to solicit support from Sanford residents for a mixed-use development in his city that would include a horse track and card room (Article).

I contacted the mayor by Facebook Messenger. Below is the brief exchange. *Note, I changed the order of some of the messages to make it flow better. If you’ve ever had a conversation by text message, you know that sometimes the responses are out of order. I also corrected a couple of misspellings.

cj message1cj message2cj message3

The mayor said he is open to having more discussions about the project. I was more interested in his attempts to reach out to Sanford. If Sanford folks, or anyone else for that matter, want to know more, Mayor Johnson can be reached through Facebook. I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg and his geek squad of billionaires would appreciate everyone spending more time on Facebook.

– by Dan Ping