Allegiant adds 6 new cities to Sanford airport flight schedule

Allegiant Travel Co. (Website | Facebook) announced the company is adding six new destinations for travelers flying out of Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB).

Allegiant will offer year-round, nonstop service from Sanford to: Rochester, N.Y.; Omaha, Neb.; Pittsburgh; San Antonio; and Kansas City Mo.

The airline will also offer seasonal, nonstop service to Grand Island, Neb.

The new service will begin in early November. As part of the introduction, Allegiant is offering one-way fares for $49 – including taxes and fees – on some of the new flights. Check the airline’s website for more information.

Allegiant now flies to 68 cities from Sanford’s airport.

– by Dan Ping



  1. Adding more cities…? Right now I’m stuck in Green Bay, Wisconsin with no return flight to Sanford, FL. Why do you cancel flights between Appleton, WI and Sanford from August to October? My flights have always been full. Now I have to drive all the way Milwaukee to fly on Southwest to Orlando. Thanks Alligaint.


  2. Please put Duluth Minnesota BACK on your flight schedule too. I don’t understand why it was removed. EVERY time I fly to Duluth the flight was ALWAYS full.


  3. This airline is absolutely the biggest joke. I’m surprised they don’t charge for seat belts and to use the lavatory. You think you’re getting a great price until you spend 45 minutes of being bombarded with ads on checkout and to find that they will actually purposely seat everyone seperately just to get you to spend even more. They tried to do that to my wife and 2 year old we got a seat for…. Yeah that didn’t go over well for them. They even tried to CHARGE her to sit next to my daughter. That didn’t happen either. It’s just a joke and anyone in their right mind should steer very clear of this atrocity and look elsewhere. Also they are they are the only airline I have flown in the last 3 years that does not allow small portable electronics to be powered on during takeoff and landing. They still give the speech ” may interfere with instruments ” or something along those lines. Funny how that hasn’t been true since the days of analog phones, but that they are just so out of touch with reality.


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