New butcher shop and market opens soon, needs employees

Habibis International Market may open by next week, and the owners are looking for part-time employees.

Courtney Haton said most of the work in the store is done, and she and her husband, Mo Abed, are waiting for their inspections.

“If all goes well with our USDA inspection this coming week, we want our soft opening to be Saturday (Aug. 22),” said Haton.

The market will be hiring part-time employees, said Haton, including a daytime cashier, a stock/delivery person and a butcher apprentice. Those interested can go to the Habibis’ website for an application, which can be emailed or dropped off at the store.

Habibis has also launched its Facebook page.

Haton and Abed (“Market and butcher shop coming to downtown“)say the market will provide organic vegetables bread, milk, eggs and fresh baked goods, as well as a variety of Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian and Russian food staples not found in big-box grocery stores. Habibis will also have a full butcher shop with Halal and non-Halal meats. 

Habibis is located at 112 W. 2nd St. (Gmap) The phone number is 407-942-3226. Delivery service will be available.

– by Dan Ping


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