Looking for Love? The Top 7 weirdly specific dating sites

Portrait of smiling young man piggybacking his pretty girlfriend in the park

Gluten-free singles? Hot sauce Lovers?

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, perhaps you need to be a little more specific about where you’re looking. Very specific.

1. Fat Bastard Dating

Fat bastardYou can’t have low self-esteem if you join this UK dating site. The website sells itself as appealing to those who are “fat, lazy or overweight (even better if it’s all three of these things!).”

2. Ninja Passions

ninja8-optimisedNinjas are bad asses. But even their superhuman abilities can’t protect them from Cupid’s love darts. This site helps stealthy warriors with their nunchuck hook-up skills.

3. Purrsonals

couple_with_catIf you love pus… oh, nevermind. That snarky comment is just too easy. This website won’t stop you from becoming your neighborhood’s “crazy cat lady” (or man), but at least you won’t do so alone.

4. Star Trek Dating

Android Andrea
Sorry Trekkies, you won’t be meeting this lady.

Even geeky Trekkies need some sweet, sweet lovin’. But with a motto like, “Set phasers to stunning,” don’t expect this website to hook you up with the sexy Android Andrea.

5. Ghost Singles

This website bills itself as, “The internet’s only dating site exclusively for those who have passed away, but not gone away.” Question: if ghost dating leads to marriage, does the preacher still say “Till death do you part?”

6. Hot Sauce Passions

hotsauce7-optimisedHow many times have you wasted a perfectly good first date only to find out the other person does not like hot sauce? No, me neither, but evidently it’s a thing. From what I hear, only “hotheads” use this service, and the often get “burned” by other members.

7. Gluten Free Singles

Smiling young man piggybacking his pretty girlfriend
If you were gluten-free, maybe you could be this beautiful.

Finally a dating service for the intolerant. I mean, the gluten intolerant. Seriously, if your potential mate is such a control freak that they demand gluten-free nookie, do you really think they’re going to put up with that weird nose noise thing you do in your sleep? Different stroke for different folks, I guess.  Y’all just keep it to yourselves. Nobody wants to see gluten-free canoodling in public. It might cause me to barf up my pizza.