Chipolte closing Feb. 8

Prepare yourself fans of Chipotle (website | Facebook). Your favorite “locally-sourced,” fast-food joint is closing – temporarily.

The Denver-based burrito company, with 15 Central Florida locations including Lake Mary and Sanford, said it will close more than 1,900 U.S. restaurants on Feb. 8 for several hours to have a national staff meeting about food safety.

Chipotle has cultivated a cult-like following since it opened in 1993 with promises of locally-sourced ingredients that aren’t genetically modified, but since August has battled outbreaks of E. coli, salmonella and norivirus in multiple states.

CEO Scott Ellis spoke to a group of investment professionals last week at the JW Marriott in Orlando, telling them he was “hopeful” the centers for disease control would declare the outbreaks had ended.

Read more at CNN Money.



  1. I love the fact that Chipolte is taking a very public stance to fix their problem, admitting to their error and then using the “news” to let the public know they are concerned and fixing it very publicly goes a long way to restoring the trust in their brand. Way to go.


  2. I think its odd the Chipolte is perceived to be the problem. They do not grow the vegetables or raise the beef/chicken/pig sold there. They are only the last hand before the product reaches the consumer. What about all the tainted vegetables that are sold in the grocery stores? Publix or Winn Dixie aren’t held up to the same scrutiny. It has been reported in the past that growers use broadcast irrigation of reclaimed water on fruits and vegetables rather than the more costly drip irrigation. Reclaimed water contains E-coli bacteria. and, it doesn’t wash off.


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