Fresh fish market opens on Sanford Ave.

The Stokes Fish Market mural in the 400 block of Sanford Avenue has become one of Sanford’s icons, but you won’t find an ounce of shrimp on the premises. The fish market vacated the building years ago.

Not to worry. If it’s fresh fish you’re looking for, you’ll find it one block north at Real Deal Seafood. Located at 345 Sanford Ave. (Gmap), Real Deal Seafood is tucked into the south side of the building that also houses the Sanford Supermarket. You’ll find about a dozen varieties of fresh fish, boxes of blue crabs, oysters, mussels, gator, snails, conch, fresh fish and plenty of jumbo shrimp .

The company has been in business for 13 years, though it just recently moved to the Sanford Avenue location. Real Deal Seafood was previously located at Flea World.

Chris VanGorder is the owner of the family business that includes his mom, Judy, and his brothers Stan and Jimmy.

Chris owns a 40-foot shrimp boat and has plenty of contacts along Florida’s east coast to keep his customers supplied with fresh fish. Most of the seafood comes from the New Smyrna area.

RealDealSeafood PricesJimmy and Stan will clean and fillet any fish you buy for a small charge. They can also steam and season shrimp and crabs for an easy take-home meal.

A pound of steamed and seasoned shrimp is $9.99 a pound, while 2 pounds of the steamed and season blue crabs are $9.99.

The store also has fresh eggs, both chicken and duck.

Real Deal Seafood is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The phone number is 407-302-5444.

A pound of steamed and seasoned shrimp is $9.99 at Real Deal Seafood.

Red Fish
Jimmy Vangorder shows off a fresh caught American Red Fish.

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  1. Wow,I am so pleased to hear this! I will sure give them a try. Sounds like great prices. Love that grouper!


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