Locals spark interest in making city sparkle

Some 60 volunteers ditched their easy-like-Sunday-morning routines, and pitched in to keep Sanford clean.

Zach Waters, John DiDonna and Paul Williams grew weary of multiple Facebook threads complaining about litter around Sanford, so they decided to pick up the trash and invited their online friends to join them Sunday, April 10.

“Instead of reading Facebook complaints about litter, we figured it would be more productive to spend our time doing something about it,” Waters said.

The response wildly exceeded the trio’s expectations. They hoped maybe 10 people would show up. Six times that many people gathered at Rabbittfoot Coffe and Records at 9 a.m. to pick up bags and grid assignments. Some were bright-eyed and ready to go. Others clearly had a long Saturday night and needed extra caffeine.

Whether groggy or clear-headed, each volunteer contributed an up-beat attitude that made the atmosphere positive and fun.

A couple of hours later, dozens of bright orange garbage bags were crammed full of empty soda cups, half-filled beer cans, mismatched shoes and all other rubbish people carelessly toss on the ground.

DiDonna promises this will not be a one-time event. The next community cleanup is Saturday, May 14, along French Avenue/U.S. 17-92. A Facebook group Keeping Sanford Sparkling will have more details about meeting places and which section of the highway will be the focus.

Feel free to join and do a little #sanfording by doing some good in the community!

And enjoy the video below by Sanford’s best dressed videographer, Henry Dorvil, and Good Vibes TV.


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