Downtown grocery options to expand

At community meetings, private gatherings and bar-side conversations, downtown Sanford residents express their desire for one thing – a downtown grocery store.

Well, there’s one coming. In fact, it’s already here.

Magnolia Square Market (website), located at 117 S. Magnolia Ave., is known by most for selling specialty German grocery items, but the store also carries basic staple items like dairy items, seasonings, sliced meats and cheeses.

The market also began recently selling fresh produce, and owner Theo Hollerbach says its fresher than what you can buy in the chain grocery stores.

“We buy produce every day for a restaurant,” said Hollerbach, who owns the popular Willow Tree restaurant. “The produce we put in the store will be delivered fresh that morning. If we don’t sell it that day we will use it in the restaurant and restock fresh the next day.”

Christina Hollerbach-Simmons said the market is trying to offer better grocery options, but notes you won’t find everything you will at the chain stores – yet.
“We’ll offer more items and selection as we see the demand,” she said. “We’re really gonna listen to our customers to see what items they want.”

She added that some items like cream, milk and raw chicken won’t be visible because the market doesn’t have display cases available at this time.

“If you don’t see something ask, we’ll be happy to help you.”

Hollerbach-Simmons said that many of the German brand items the market carries can also you do used in American dishes.

To entice you to visit, Magnolia Square Market is offer a free 1/4-pound of roasted deli turkey, prepared on site. Click here to get the coupon.

So there you go folks. Your grocery options are expanding. Let’s see if you take advantage of what’s available, or just like to talk about it.