New retail opening in downtown Sanford

Something’s fixing to happen at 215 E. 1st St.

How do I know? Because there’s brown paper in the window in the space located between the Sanford Herald and Jeanine Taylors Folk Art.

Magpies logoBrown paper in the window usually is the telltale sign that work is going on inside and no one is supposed to know what’s happening until it’s unveiled. It draws me in like a magnet, so of course, I had to nose around to find out the dealio.

Here’s what I can tell you: it’s not a bar or restaurant, but a new retail establishment. It will be called Magpies Modern General Store.

You read that right: it’s going to be a general store, with a modern flair. You won’t be able to buy lumber, overalls and a 50-pound sack of flour. Instead you’ll find designer finishing nails, boutique  clothing items, specialty snacks and candy, and funky home goods.

The inventory will be a mix of locally produced items and unique brands that are hard to find in Florida. It should fit in nicely with Kyle Perry’s Boxelder gift store around the corner at 278 S. Palmetto Ave.

It will open in late September. It’s a pop-up concept, meaning in six months the owners (Chris and Maguire Wise) will decide whether to remain open.

I’ll post more when the know.