Demolition plans for 7-Eleven, Sunoco, new store on the way

A new 7-Eleven will be built near downtown Sanford.

The current store at 100 N. French Ave. will be demolished in the coming months. The Sunoco gas station next door will also be demolished. Both properties will be combined, and a larger, modern 7-Eleven will be built on the site.

The current 7-Eleven was built in 1984 and is 2,688 square feet in size. The new store will be slightly larger at 3,010 square feet, but will have 8 gas pumps instead of 4 and provide better traffic flow on the site.

The redevelopment will take up about 80 percent of the block. There is a two-story residence on the same block at N. Maple Avenue and W 1st Street.

City of Sanford planner Sabreena Colbert said a preliminary review of the 7-Eleven plans show that some setbacks and buffers in relation to the residential structure do not meet the city’s minimum requirements.

The applicant will be reviewing the Land Development Regulations and revising the site plan accordingly. A timeline for demolition and construction has not been established.

Click to enlarge site plan (credit: Equitas Management)