Fourth brewery plans to open in downtown Sanford

Soon, those hanging out in downtown Sanford will need to beware of deviants on 1st Street. If they offer you a beer, take it. It’s probably tasty.

The deviants will be Kendall and Johnathan Wolverton and their business partner Matt Rolfe. The trio owns Deviant Wolfe Brewing LLC (Facebook), and they plan to open a microbrewery at 121 W 1st St. The brewery would be located next door to The Tennessee Truffle in the space formerly occupied by Seminole CrossFit.

Johnathan and Matt met with city planners last week as part of a pre-application meeting. Translation: They’re just starting the process, so don’t ask them when they’re opening. They hope by the end of the year, but who knows. Maybe you’ll be drinking their beer on Labor Day.

They appear to be the active sort. You know, marathons, triathlons, that kind of thing. And they say they want to incorporate exercise into their business model, in which case, I may never drink there. 12-ounce curls are the extent of my exercise when I’m drinking coldies.

All kidding aside, the trio is looking to build an experience around their brewery. For example, they want Deviant Wolve to be the place where you and your friends stop on a bike ride or run along the RiverWalk. That’s one of the reasons they were attracted to Sanford.

Deviant Wolfe has been around for five years participating in local craft beer festivals and perfecting their recipies. The brewery does not plan to serve food, but with Corner Cafe, Christo’s and The Tennessee Truffle on both sides, there will be good food nearby.

It may be several months before locals get to taste their beer as they build out their space and get their equipment together, but it sounds like Deviant Brewing will be a nice addition to the (soon to be) three breweries already in downtown.