Bike Shop gears up for opening on North Park Ave. in ‘about a month’

Matt Steward sees opportunity in Sanford.

The Orlando native was living in St. Augustine when a trip back home to see his in-laws lead to his eureka moment – Sanford needs a bike shop.

“This is a great bicycling town and it doesn’t have a bike shop,” said Matt.

That won’t be the case for much longer. Matt plans to open Pedal Driven Co. (website | Facebook), a shop that will offer bike sales, service and rentals. The store will be located at 210 N Park Ave., next to the Masonic Lodge. (Gmap)

Matt expects the store to open in about a month.

He was a bit hesitant to pursue the bike shop venture, only because he loved living in St. Augustine.

“I’ve been there for a few years and really love the community. It was a hard decision,” said Matt, adding that he worked at Island Like bike shop in St. Augustine. “Ultimately, Sanford has a lot of great things going on, my wife loves the town and I have the chance to open my own bike shop.”

The couple moved to town about a month ago and are getting familiar with the Celery City.

“We love the historic feel of the town and the craft beer scene,” Matt said, noting that the dog-friendly atmosphere will be a perfect fit for their dog, Beth.

So until Matt opens the doors at Pedal Driven Co., stop by the shop’s Facebook page, click the “Like” button and introduce yourself.




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