Wondermade unveils delicious new treat: The Krispwhich

It’s hard for me to walk past Wondermade (website | Facebook) on 1st Street knowing that the sweet shop’s maple bacon ice cream in a large waffle cone is surely the world’s most perfect dessert.

But now comes a new temptation – Krispwhiches.

A Krispwich answers the question, how do you make an ice cream sandwich better? You put delicious Wondermade ice cream between two thinly-sliced, home-made Rice Krispie treats. Not only is it tasty, but it is way less messy than typical cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Sanford’s sweet treat mad genius Nathan Clark concocted this brilliant idea as part of Wondermade’s forthcoming expansion. You may have noticed that Wondermade has  renovated the space next door to its 214 E 1st St. (Gmap) location. At peak times, seating is rare in the current space as lines of people spilled out onto the sidewalk. The extra space next door will offer addition seating.

It also offers opportunities to expand the product line. Clark always thinks big, so here’s the plans, in addition to Krispwhiches:

  • Vegan ice cream
  • retail coolers with to-go pints of Wondermade ice cream
  • Iced chocolate drinks
  • More retail food options, like popcorn and chocolates. The popcorn will be made in-house through a partnership with another vendor. The chocolates won’t be made in house, but will be of the same quality as Wondermade’s ice cream and marshmallows.
  • An event space for birthday parties and social gatherings with an option for guests to make their own ice cream. “We’ll teach them how to make it and flash freeze it so they can take a pint home,” said Clark.
  • Coffee returns! When the store added ice cream last year, there was no space to continue selling coffee. The extra space will allow caffeine addicts like myself to get a tasty cup of pour-over coffee.

All of this starts Friday, June 9.


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