7-Eleven project inches forward

It’s taking awhile, put plans to knock down the 7-Eleven at the corner of 1st Street and French Avenue, as well as the Sunoco station next door, are still moving. A new, larger 7-Eleven will be built on the site of the two properties.

Except for some minor tweaks, the city staff is good with the plans. It seems the architects and engineers are having trouble communicating with each other. One will submit updated plans that meet city codes, then the other will submit plans without all the updates.

I’m not willing to even guess when construction might start. Just wanted to let y’all know the new 7-Eleven is still in progress.

Site plan for a new 7-Eleven at the corner of 1st Street and French Avenue. The current store would be demolished, as would the Sunoco station directly to the north. CREDIT: Wolverton Engineering Solutions

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  1. That will be nice to see the change which is long overdue. So too is the empty Walgreens on the opposite corner. Any plans for that?


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