Engineers unveil new look for Seminole Blvd. along Lake Monroe

Work on Phase 3 of the RiverWalk is most likely to begin before the end of 2018.

David Geriach, President of CPH engineers, updated the city commission recently about how the early stages of the project are coming along.

Phase 3 will be done in two stages that will run somewhat concurrently. The sea wall part of the project goes out for bid on June 1. The road work is expected to go out to bid in August or September.

In addition to extending the RiverWalk to I-4, the project will reduce the speed limit to 35 mph along Lake Monroe, add landscaping, install traffic calming devices, add three round-abouts and construct parking areas to access the RiverWalk.

In addition, the plan calls for make North French Avenue 1 lane from 1st street to Seminole Boulevard. That short stretch of road is currently 2 lanes, but really is nothing more than a drag strip as motorists race to get in front of other cars before the road splits into 1 lane roads at the “Round Building.”

Construction of Phase 3 could be complete by early 2020.

The federal government turned over North French Avenue and Seminole Boulevard from 1st Street intersection of Monroe Road near I-4 last year. The feds also provided $24 million that will be used to fund the RiverWalk expansion.

A rendering of the new North French Avenue and Seminole Boulevard intersection near the “Round Building.” CREDIT: CPH
Proposed layout of how the intersection of North French Avenue and Seminole Boulevard will be laid out with a new round-about. CREDIT: CPH



Looking east on Seminole Boulevard at the entrance to the Central Florida Zoo. CREDIT: CPH
Looking east on Seminole Boulevard at the intersection of Walnut Crest Run, which leads to the Preserve at Lake Monroe subdivision. CREDIT: CPH






  1. Wow, they are sure making it harder for commuters from Volusia County that work or own businesses in the city , Is there a fast track or bypass planned to help move the current traffic quickly in and out of the city? They are basically removing the fastest current artery into downtown from the west which will cause a lot of standing traffic throughout the rest of the city. 55 to 45 is ok, but less speed then that they will start chasing people away from downtown Sanford. Did they have public hearings on this, the city is just coming back to life bring people in don’t chase them.


  2. What exactly are “traffic calming devices?” A new buzzword to make us feel warm and fuzzy about camera surveillance?


  3. Thanks for keeping us updated Dan. I’m really looking forward to the RiverWalk expansion allowing further jogging and biking along the lake.


  4. Dan,
    Your updates are very helpful. Can you update us in on the extension of the bike trail going east bound and connecting with the 415 bridge?


  5. I live along this section of road. This is going to ruin the only good stretch of 17/92 in Seminole County. I grew up with round abouts in New Jersey and they are finally getting smart enough to remove them. The one we have along the lake now keeps needing repair because trucks keep getting stuck on this road. And it was not designed properly to allow for large vehicles to get around. I know that they are not supposed to go that way, but it happens and should have been expected.
    Round abouts are a waste of time and money.. They cost to much to maintain and cause traffic confusion. If you don’t believe about the confusion just spend a half hour at the one along the lake now and you will see. I drive this road four times every day.
    If the road is slowed down to 35 mph it will create traffic problems for all who commute this way. And route 46 is already over loaded with no relief in site. This plan is unwise.


  6. I have an idea for the center of these roundabouts-have nice looking fountains in the center. Wouldn’t that really enhance the overall appearance,instead of just flat pavement?


  7. You finally found a way to keep cars from running into the building that looks like a sewer plant at the end of French Avenue.

    Cars coming south out of DeBary are moving in to the right lane at the last minute when they see the new 17/92 signs posted just before the road.

    It would help if you put them somewhere before the bridge so they have time to adjust.

    I sounds like you won’t allow vehicles to park beside the lake to fish. How many parking lots will there be for fishing and where? Hopefully, it will be where the fish are being caught now.

    A pier far out into the lake would be ideal. One on the west end and one east of the marina would be great, too. They would really be picturesque at night with walkway lights about.


  8. The re-development of Seminole Blvd along Lake Monroe will be fantastic. Crazy drivers are
    welcome to use better roads to commute: the new Upsala Rd to 46. Meanwhile, local residents
    will enjoy the new development features, beauty of the lake, and not miss the racetrack.


  9. Do we know if this will make the stretch of road between the zoo and downtown part of the “golf cart community “?


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