Sanford City Commissioners approved $1 million in funding to upgrade Coastline Park in Goldsboro in an effort to establish it as one of the premier parks in Sanford.

Located at West 9th Street and South Popular Avenue, the park sits on the site of the old Seaboard Coastline railroad station. As a nod to the site’s history, the renovations at Coastline Park will have a railroad theme.

A summer jobs program for Sanford youth got a new life this week when the Sanford city commissioners agreed to provide $30,000 for the program.

The Youth Empowerment Leadership Development Academy (YEDLA) provides summer jobs and job skills  classes for high school students who come from low income families. Funding was originally provided by the state, but for the last three years the city of Sanford has supported the program through Community Development Block Grant funds.

Big changes are coming to Historic Paw Park.

The Sanford City Commission will hear a presentation from LittleJohn Engineering about what the new master plan for the park and the surrounding area (known as Paw Park Village) will include during it’s 3 PM work session Monday, May 11. The master plan is also on the agenda for the 7 PM regular meeting and could be approved by the commission at that time.

The city of Sanford will undertake two trial lighting projects in the coming months, one to improve lighting in the Georgetown neighborhood, and one to measure cost savings of new LED bulbs.

Georgetown resident Toby Wells approached the city several months ago to ask for improved lighting in his neighborhood to improve safety and help with crime prevention.

Sanford City Commissioner Mark McCarty, District 1
Sanford City Commissioner Mark McCarty, District 1

Mark McCarty has yet to meet with city officials to determine what, if any, action needs to be taken after the District 1 Sanford City Commissioner spent $1,500 on a questionable mailing.

Two weeks ago Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett asked City Manager Norton Bonaparte and City Attorney William Colbert to meet with McCarty after discovering McCarty used taxpayer money to mail about 4,000 post cards to newly registered voters in District 1. Triplett also asked McCarty to repay the $1,500 in postage because the expense was not budgeted (“McCarty asked to repay city funds”).

By Dan Ping

Seminole County Public School Board members received a briefing Friday morning about potential capital projects the system would undertake if a penny is added to the county’s sales tax.

The list, which has yet to be approved by the board, lays out $157 million in school renovations, including brand new school facilities at Casselberry Elementary and Sanford’s Pine Crest Elementary.

By Dan Ping

Paulii Buster has invested tens of thousands of dollars to turn a vacate space on Sanford Avenue into a sleek, modern Belgium beer pub that regularly draws customers from outside of Sanford — including players from the Orlando City Soccer Club.

When the city of Sanford’s Downtown Waterfront Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) announced it would spend $2.5 million to reconstruct Sanford Avenue to upgrade utilities, widen sidewalks, and enhance lighting and landscaping, Buster knew his business, Buster’s Bistro, would suffer and he made plans to mitigate the construction.

He never thought the work would virtually shut off access to his pub.

By Dan Ping

Food and ice cream vendors may be barred from the north side of Fort Mellon Park in a proposal under consideration by the Sanford City Commission.

In a memo outlining options to increase pedestrian safety around Fort Mellon Park, city staffer Marc Hultin recommends Sanford prohibit mobile food vendors from locating along Seminole Boulevard between Sanford and San Juan avenues.