Allegiant Air may be headquartered in Las Vegas, but it’s Sanford that is the low cost airline’s No. 1 airport.

New data shows 171 Allegiant flights are scheduled to depart Orlando Sanford International Airport in July 2015. In fact, Florida airports serving Allegiant make up 46% of the flights at the company’s top 12 airports.

I’ve seen the best of Sanford, I’ve seen the worst of Sanford. My fellow citizens  are charitable, kind and thoughtful but at times they are capable of extreme pettiness and boorish behavior.

I’m channeling Charles Dickens because I’m experiencing a tale of two Sanfords.

Since my stroke 5 weeks ago, I have received unbelievable support from the people of Sanford. Concurrently, I have witnessed the contempt with which some of these same people treat their neighbors.

The reason? People have a difference of opinion about a proposed development on Marina Island.

I’ve come to the realization that Sanford will not be a better community regardless of the outcome of this proposal.

State Rep. Jason Brodeur
State Rep. Jason Brodeur

For years Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown and her supporters have used the phrase “Corrine delivers.”

Could it be that that phrase will soon be co-opted by Republican poster boy Jason Brodeur?

Naw, it’s doubtful. But you soon could see Sanford’s emissary in the Florida House of Representatives handing one of those surfboard-sized checks to Mayor Jeff Triplett and other Sanford officials.

By Dan Ping

Paulii Buster has invested tens of thousands of dollars to turn a vacate space on Sanford Avenue into a sleek, modern Belgium beer pub that regularly draws customers from outside of Sanford — including players from the Orlando City Soccer Club.

When the city of Sanford’s Downtown Waterfront Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) announced it would spend $2.5 million to reconstruct Sanford Avenue to upgrade utilities, widen sidewalks, and enhance lighting and landscaping, Buster knew his business, Buster’s Bistro, would suffer and he made plans to mitigate the construction.

He never thought the work would virtually shut off access to his pub.