New bbq joint has a name – Fuel

It’s official! The new barbecue restaurant in downtown will be named Fuel.

Fuel logo It’s an appropriate name since the location used to be a former gas station. Plus, it will soon be the place to “fuel up” for some great barbecue and Central Florida’s best live blues music.

puresign1103The logo has a retro look, almost reminiscent of the old Pure gas station logo and sign.

Fuel may be open in March, though as with anything construction oriented, there is no concrete opening date at this point.

Stay connected to The Bokey for updates, and check out the post (“First Peek: Photos of downtown Sanford’s new bbq restaurant”) from earlier today with photos of the work being done inside.


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  1. I’ll be charitable and presume that the restaurant’s name doesn’t imply that it’ll give you gas…


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