Sorry guys, Facebook lied, Selena Gomez is NOT moving to Sanford

Throughout the Celery City, the hearts of young hipsters raced as the news ricocheted across Facebook: Selena Gonez is moving to Sanford.

She’s not, though the 23-year-old singer/actress is oerforming at the Amway Center next month.

A website called newsdaily27 is responsible for the false story. The website specializes in “click bait,” misleading, sensationalized stories meant solely to drive traffic to the website. The more traffic the site receives, the more ad revenue it generates.

Google “newsdaily27” and you find a list of celebrities moving to small towns. In addition, on the site’s “About” page the owners state: “News Daily 27 is a fantasy news site. Most articles on are satire or pure fantasy.”

Now you know.


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