Wops Hops brewery plans expansion

Shantell Williams’ decision to close her cafe and open a supper club nearby has created an opportunity for Sanford’s first microbrewery.

Greg Piecora, co-owner of Wops Hops Brewing Co. (Website | Facebook) said the brewery will be expanding into the space vacated by Shantell’s Cafe. The expansion will not only give Wops Hops some much-needed space, it also comes with a full commercial kitchen, allowing the brewery to serve food other than pretzels.

Piecora says while the menu won’t be massive, Wops Hops will offer some tasty food. Fans of Marco Dino’s and Stones Throw restaurants will be happy to know that critically-acclaimed chef Rich Lendino will be creating the menu for the brewery.

In addition, Wops Hops patrons will get to see Lendino in action, though not full-time. Piecora said in addition to having regular kitchen help, Wops Hops plans to host monthly celebrity chef nights where outstanding chefs from Central Florida will prepare food for guests.

Piecora said expansion plans do not include increasing the size of his 3-barrell brewing equipment.



  1. I wish they’d get Ken Stigone (DaVinci’s) as a celebrity chef. Not so good at restaurant management but wow, what a great chef.


  2. Great news for Wop Hops and Sanford Avenue, we’re not losing food but adding a new style. Happy that the space won’t be empty.


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